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I do accept Paypal for purchases, just contact me for the total with shipping costs and I will send a payment request!

If you wish to mail in your payment email me ( directly for details.

A quick note about offerings here - Some of the cameras I offer for sale have been fully serviced and are certified to be in good working order and carry a 6 month guarantee with them and some are offered "as found and as described" but can be serviced, at additional cost, prior to being shipped if the buyer requests.  I also describe them honestly and conservatively in terms of their cosmetic condition.  As far as I know there are only two people in North America who regularly service and repair Minox cameras and I am one of them.  Mr. Don Goldberg is the other one.  So, keep that in mind when comparing my prices to those on eBay (which were probably pulled from a sock drawer or found at a garage sale) and know that if you want a camera that works you can expect to add $85+ to the cost of buying one there to get what you will find here and will have the hassle of waiting for one of us to service it since the vast majority of them have been sitting for decades and are long overdue for a clean and lube.   I also buy Minox items so if you have something to sell feel free to contact me.

If you are looking for copies of the instruction manuals for Minox 8X11 cameras, these can now be downloaded from Minox website:

Riga Minox Dummy For Display - $249

This is one of the famous "hidden under the floorboards" dummies.  In case you are unfamiliar with the story it goes something like this; as the Russians were occupying Riga Latvia for the second time a couple of employees at the VEF factory had apparently stashed a bunch of parts under the floorboards in the factory and later, after the end of the war, retrieved them and sold them.  The sale apparently occurred some 40+ years after the end of the war.  Some of these parts made their way to Don Goldberg at DAG who assembled some into "dummy" cameras which  were suitable for display purposes.  They have the inner chassis made of brass so they are heavy like the real cameras would be.  They also have working dials, counter (which advances when the camera is closed) and a spring loaded shutter release button and the outer shells are just about mint but there are no parts inside to comprised the shutter mechanism, lens, film pressure plate or viewfinder so they are really only suitable for display purposes.  I have several available and all are around serial number 16XXX.  I am selling them for $249 each plus shipping.  Email me directly at if you have an interest in this piece.

Plenty of Minox Cameras and Accessories Are Always Available - Here is Just a Sampling!

I can't keep the listings here current so if you are looking for anything in particular feel free to email me directly.


Tripod adapters $20 plus shipping.


Transparency viewer/cutter $20 plus shipping.


Film magnifier (loupe) - $15 plus shipping.


Original instruction booklets from $5.


Reference books - from $10.

I usually have an assortment of used cases for all Minox models, chains, flash attachments, developing tanks and any other accessory you are looking for.  Just email me at and ask if you are looking!

New Film Slitter and Negative Sleeves!

My friend and fellow Minox enthusiast, Jimmy Li, has designed some very nice film accessories which he offers for sale in very limited quantities.  He is making a small number of high quality film slitters as well as vinyl negative sleeves which he will sell directly to other enthusiasts.  If you are interested in either of these products contact Jimmy directly at: and you can always mention you saw it on my site.

If you are looking for something else in particular or have something to sell please email me directly at and let me know, chances are I do have what you need or know where you can find it or will be interested in buying what you have got.

Here are links to other great Minox sites...check out: Steve Uhrig's SWS Security, Gerald McMullon's and Scott Young's (author of the book "Minox Marvel in Miniature") site D. Scott Young.


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